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Breast cancer awareness involves public campaigns on the disease and held in November. It is held annually and it is aimed in educating the masses on the causes, symptoms and preventions of breast cancer. People also raise funds to help victims of this disease. Even though most people are aware of its existence they need a regular reminder for them to go for screenings regularly so incase of cancer infection it can be detected in its early stages. Similarly free screening is offered during these campaigns attracting more people. It is very rare to find someone going to a hospital to get screened for breast cancer, thus these campaigns are a major help. Similarly you find that these awareness campaigns allow one to know their health status.

These campaigns help to reduce stigma in victims of this disease since they come to interact with more people just like them who are surviving with the disease as well. They also encourage the public to offer a helping hand to the victims of breast cancer and take responsibility to curb the menace.

The major symbol used during these campaigns is the pink ribbon which is used to mark the breast cancer month. It is a concept brand which helps increase the supporters of this project for it ties together fear hope and believing in successful treatment. Selling of brands like pink t-shirts, ribbons including other fancy products also act as a way of raising funds to fuel these campaigns. Corporate organizations and sponsors also contribute heavily towards these projects. National fund raisings are also held to enable the general public also contribute towards this course. The pink ribbon also acts as a way to show personal generosity and this enables people to have faith in medical processes maintaining a positive and optimistic attitude that one will get healed.

It is due to these breast cancer awareness campaigns and projects that most women are receiving mammograms and being administered with biopsies. Similarly the cancer is being detected at earlier stages which make it possible to cure the breast cancer. Contributors have clearly and fearlessly used appropriate marketing strategies to educate people the facts about cancer and this has greatly reduced stigma which has enabled more people come to accept their condition thus surviving with the disease.

Breast cancer awareness is a campaign that has gained support from more and more organizations including the government and the media. Its main aim is promoting mammography and early detection of the disease which are the major steps in fighting breast cancer. Thus more and more people are encouraged to participate in the walks, runs, fund raisings, bike rides and more events which are held during these campaigns as a way of showing your support and determination to eradicate breast cancer; any personal effort towards this course is highly appreciated. Thus the campaign is made open for any volunteer regardless of sex (female or male), age, or race and similarly mass participation and contributions are highly encouraged as well.